Beverly Garden Drive, Old Metairie Homes..Variety of Homes

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January 10, 2018
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February 26, 2018

Beverly Garden Drive 

Old Metairie Homes

Between I -10 and Metairie Road

    Once again a drive down a street in Old Metairie between I-10 and Metairie Road. This drive shows you a variety of homes and so many different ages. One reason you see more older homes is the fact that many of the lots are not very deep. Fewer teardowns because of this factor. 

    Once you cross Metairie Road the sizes and values tend to rise towards the railroad tracks. As you get closer to Causeway the prices tend to decline in Old Metairie. 

      Taking the drive and photos gives you an idea of how the areas have developed over time. This street has a variety as many streets do in Old Metairie.