Pontchartrain Caye Luxury Condos in Metairie, Overlooking the Lake

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November 11, 2017
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Pontchartrain Caye Luxury Condos

Units are Overlooking the Lake

3901 Ridgelake Drive, Metaire, La. 

      The 16 condos at Pontchartrain are all 2 and 3 bedroom condos. All the units are on one level with elevators at the end of the hall to all floors. The condos overlook the Lake and Levee and open into a hallway by the front door.  All the units have 2 parking  spots in the garage with a storage unit.

     The Balconies overlook the Lake Pontchartrain. Great Views of the Lake and Levee. Great Walks on the levee and paths by the lake. Great place to jog and bike on the Levee.  The Condos are unique being finished in 2007. All the units have gas cooking and fireplaces.

      The common areas include a gym, rooftop pool and rooftop courtyard. There is also a common party room. Secure entrance and gated parking for all.

     The units range in size from 1226 sq. ft. for the 2 bedroom units to about 2500 sq. ft. for the 3 bedroom units. There have been 4 sales in the last 500 days. A small 3 bedroom sold for 385K. The Large 3 bedrooms sold for 610K and 615K. Both were large corner units. The two bedrooms sold for 385k. There is currently one two/tow on the market for $399,999.

      The complex is not far from the causeway and Lakeside Shopping Center.

     The one I listed below sold in a week once it was on the market. Actually had two more people that were very interested. The reason that it sells quickly as they are like big homes in a great location.


Pontchartrain Kaye Condos in Metairie,Luxury Units