Sellers Win !

Selling Your Home,Townhome or Condo 

Ideas to Think About

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Pricing Your Home Right is More Money

     Always best to price your property near its value to sell it quicker than the competition. Leaving it on the market makes buyers want to bid lower since it has been on the market. We know how to get results from past sales and active comparables. There are some agents who overprice real estate so they can get the listing. We will establish the value and give you the chance to decide on the listing price. You the seller can decide on the price once we run alll the numbers and  come up with a sales price. Most buyers want to bid lower. Over 50% want to ask for closing cost whhich can be negociated.

Clean, Declutter and Shine

     Always a great move is to declutter your home to make it look better and bigger. Touching up cosmetic issues and making things look better will make you more money. You can spend hundreds to make the home or condo look nicer and make thousands more on the sale. Patti and I have handi-men and clean up people who can make your real estate more salable. We know what needs to be done with our experience.

Value is Based on More than Just Size

     Measuring your home and condo is a normal procedure for agents to do. However the value of the home is based on more than the size. The overall condition is a major factor ! Large Lot, Garage, Porches, Patios, High Ceilings, Recent Updates, Floor Plan, No Carpet, Views are all things that will add value to a home. Updated Kitchen, Baths and Floors are a big plus.

Location, Location Means a lot..

    You also compare homes and sale prices not just by zip codes but by the Neighborhood, Subdivision, Complex and Streets. A Busy street is a negative when it comes to value. Checking out the closest comps are the best things to do for sales and active listings. Condos are best compared to sales within the same complex as many complexes are not alike in this area. 

Recent Updates Mean a Lot to Buyers

     Making a list of recent updates and the cost of the updates in an important factor to have for the buyers. Many buyers will not know the cost of the updates and the importance of each one. Making a list is great for exposure of all the pluses of your real estate.

Like Comparables of Recent Sales

       One of the most valuable things to compare with your home or condo is to compare recent sales that come the closest to matching your home. We can go back further and add appreciation if needed to get those that will match the value of your home.

Compare Yours to Active Listings

     We will also compare your home or condo to the real estate that is currently on the market. We know that buyers will look at several homes or condos before buying. It is always great to be in the top three of comparable listings. We set you up to see competitiors each week so we can get a copy of the on going market. You get more showings by being in the top 3-4 homes that come close to matching yours.

Exposure in Selling Your  Home

      Open Houses show off your home and condo to people looking and many of your neighbors who often tell their friends and relatives about the real estate. A Brokers Open House on Tuesday shows it to area agents who may have clients interested in the area. We can put the house on our Channel 4 home show on Sunday along with being the paper for open houses.

Great Photos and Flyers

     So many buyers begin their search on line so taking great photos and writing about the positives can be very helpful. We do flyers and talk about the recent updates so potential buyers can take them to read and think about. Many people will also drive by and take flyers out of our flyer box. They will review the details and call to come see the house or tell their agent that this is one they want. This becomes a great way to let buyers know what is for sale. Always works great to have flyers at open houses so people can take the details with them.

List Updates & Positive Aspects of Your Home and Neighborhood

     Always great idea to provide a list of recent updates on your home and the positive features of your place. Buyers would like e to know the cost and what was done. Also good to let them know about flood insurance rate and if you have a termite contract on the home. We put all these things on the flyers so it can get exposure.