Falcon Road Homes in Old Metairie, Large Lots and Wide Home

Old Metairie Homes,Large Lots on Nassau Drive & Pelham Avenue Near Golf Course
October 22, 2020
Old Metairie Homes
Iona Street Homes in Old Metairie,Great Walk ! Variety of Homes
January 23, 2021

Old Metairie Homes on Falcon Road

      This a a great street with lots of large home and large lots. Many of the homes are large and wide. This area is on the way to the Old Metairie Country Club. At the end of the street is the Old Metaire Playground. The large homes and Lots are between Airline Highway and Railroad Tracks. Many of these homes are very wide. Many of these photos do not show the entire lots. 

     Marcus Bouler and His retired Father Eric Bouler with 25 years of real estate experience and over 800 sales have walked sever hundred streets to get knowledge in all Neighborhoods of New Orleans Metro Areas. Great to chck out the streets, neighborhoods and homes.