More Kenner Subdivisions, More to Search and Review for homes

More Kenner Subdivisions

Kenner is Known for Many Subdivisions

Pontchartrain Place Homes, Kenner,La.


Seton Parc Subdivision

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Kenner, La. 70065

Seton Parc Homes in Kenner

Driftwood Subdivision

KennerLa. 70065

      Driftwood is one of the first subdivisions you see as you enter Kenner. It is off W. Esplanade Avenue before you get to Williams Blvd.  One of the most common styles is the Spanish Style. This was a popular style when the subdivision started. 

      The homes tend to get larger and more expensive as you go towards the lake and Vintage Drive.  These homes were built later than beginnin of the subdivision.

     Most of the homes are in the 40-50 year old range. The prices are generally between $200,000 and $300,00 depending on the size and number of recent updates.