Old Metairie Homes, Newer Homes are very common in the Entire Area.


Old Metairie Newer Homes

Large Variety of Designs 

       Most of the newer homes in Old Metairie were built on lots that had older homes on them. The builders and buyers tore the old homes down to build exactly what they wanted. Recently most of the new construction is done by the owner. That is why you see such a large variety of homes. Owners build what the dream about.

         The lots have become very very valuable over the years. In many of these neighborhoods you will see old homes that have been redone and added onto, then the newer homes that were once teardowns.

        Years ago most of the teardowns were between Metairie Road and the railroad tracks. Now we are seeing teardowns and new construction in all neighborhoods. The bigger the lots, the bigger the homes. zThe vast majority of the new homes are two stories to give them more square footage. Many owners like the historic look in new construction. 

       Things we like are porches, balconies, driveways and garages. Big Oak trees are often left untouched in most neighborhoods. Lots of great looking windows is often a feature on the home. 


Old Metairie has many different designs of Homes

New Homes in Old Metaire Have Historic features

Newer Homes are all over Old Metairie