Dream Court in Old Metairie 70001, New Large Homes Built Recently

852 Wilshire Blvd. Metairie Townhome at Cul De Sac Townhouse Community
July 12, 2020
Mansions in Old Metairie on Northline Street with Large homes and Lots
October 21, 2020

Dream Court Street

 Old Metairie , La.  70001

Lots of Large New Homes Built 

Lots of Original Older Homes

Large Variety of Home Styles

Wide Lots on Both Sides of Street

     In Old Metairie you see a lot of new larger homes built where smaller homes used to be. This Dream Court Street has lots that are about 80 ft. wide. You can see a large variety of old homes and new homes built. The lots on the East side are deeper and that is where the many new homes are built.

      Many owners of the older homes have had them updated and look nice. Some older owners sold the homes not updated and homes were deleted and new homes were built. The New Homes are at least two stories with high ceilings on first and second floors. The new homes like garages. 

      The lots are about 80 ft. on this Street with small and large homes. The East side of the street has deeper lots than the ones on the West side. You can see such a variety of homes on this street which seems about 2 blocks long. The Street ends at Revery Road and Codifer Blvd. This Dream Count does not have much people driving through the Street.


Old Metaire Homes

Large New Home in Old Metairie

                  Recently built home where an old home was once located. This is common in Old Metairie.

Old Metaire Homes