Mansions in Old Metairie on Northline Street with Large homes and Lots

Dream Court in Old Metairie 70001, New Large Homes Built Recently
September 29, 2020
Old Metairie Homes,Large Lots on Nassau Drive & Pelham Avenue Near Golf Course
October 22, 2020

Old Metairie Homes and Mansions

Northline Street with Large Neutral Grounds

These Homes look like Mansions

        This is a great neighborhood in Old Metairie near the Country Club and Gold Course. Large homes that can easily be called Mansions since they are large and unique. There are few homes like this in other areas of Old Metairie. The Northline Street has large trees and a great Neutral Ground with plants and paths. This area is close to New Orleans..All these homes have large yards and all are worth more than a million dollars. It is a great area to walk around and walk to the tennis courts at the Metairie Country Club.

       I walked the area to take the photos of several streets in this neighborhood. All the homes have recent updates that make them look like historic Mansions. You rarely see any of these great real estate homes go up for sale. There are few streets that are like this in Metairie. Most of the homes are unique and do not look and feel like others. The yards are also very Great….Love the doors,balconies and windows.

Old Metaire Country Club, Click to View


Ole Metairie Homes and Mansions

Large Wide Lot Sides of this Old Metairie Mansion

















Large Neutral Ground with Trees and Plants

Old Metairie Homes